Press Clippings

Irish Times 6th June 2007

Irish Times 2nd May 2007

Daily Star 25th April 2007

Daily Mirror 25th April 2007

Cape Times 24th April 2007

Sunday World 22nd April 2007

Irish Times 18th April 2007

Irish Times 28th March 2007

Kilkenny Voice 13th February 2007

Irish Times 7th February 2007

Irish Examiner 9th December 2006

Irish Times 6th December 2006

Daily Mail 2nd December 2006

Kilkenny Advertiser 15th November 2006

Kilkenny People 14th November 2006

Kilkenny Voice 14th November 2006

Sunday World 15th October 2006

News of the World 16th October 2006

Evening Herald 15th October 2006

Kilkenny People 9th September 2006